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Is Better Balance suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes, this  is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. All of our products contain no animal or animal-derived products.

Will there be any side effects?

As Better Balance is made of 100% Natural, carefully chosen ingredients, there are no side effects.

Will it be fine if I am taking other medications?

Yes, Better Balance does not react with any other medicine that you are taking. Thus, it is completely safe to have it, along with other medicines that you are taking.

Do I need to change my diet/food habits?

We at Origins Nutra always advocate for healthy, nutrition rich diet/food habits, which help in maintaining overall health. Although, you do not need to make any drastic changes in your food habits to take benefit of Better Balance.

Will I have to take it forever?

None of the ingredients used in creating Better Balance is addictive. Better Balance is a lifestyle supplement which helps manage the harm done by excess screen time and sedentary lifestyle. We recommend you to continue taking it in order to help your body with required nutrients, but in case you want to stop for any reason, there are no withdrawal symptoms.


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