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Bone Strength
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Bone Strength - OriginsNutra
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Bone Strength

The right combination for bone health

Plant-Based Bone Strengthening Formula with Algae calcium, Magnesium, plus 72 Trace minerals along with natural vitamin D3 & K2-7.
Enhances calcium absorption and utilization, contributing to optimal bone mineral density.
Nourishes your bones from within, promoting overall skeletal strength and bone health.
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Bone Strength
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Yes, it really has these benefits and yes, you have to take them daily. No false promises here:
Builds bone density.
Helps joint flexibility.
Strengthens bones and teeth.
No constipation.
Supports healthy ageing.
Alleviates muscle cramps & joint aches.
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What makes Bone Strength Special?


The right combination for bone health:

Most people are unable to absorb calcium from their diet due to a deficiency in Vitamin D. Even after absorption, our body can't utilise the calcium if we are deficient in Vitamin K. Vitamin K2-7 is the most active form of Vitamin K that helps in the utilisation of calcium by bones, thereby avoiding calcification of arteries. Origins Nutra Bone Strength has the perfect combination of plant-based Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2-7, and 72 Trace minerals that work in synergy for optimal bone health.

Safe and Suitable Form of Calcium:

Most calcium supplements are made from Calcium rocks, Eggshells, or chicken bones. These forms of calcium may cause constipation and digestive discomfort due to poor absorption among many. But this plant-based natural algal calcium as calcium carbonate has a unique open porous plant structure, making it easier to digest and absorb than rock calcium. This Calcium is natural, safe, easy to absorb, and highly bioavailable for better utilisation by the body. 

Product Ingredients

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Botanical Extracts
Aquamin Tg ingredient image
Aquamin™ TG
Sourced from Ireland

Highly Absorbable Algal Calcium, with Magnesium and 72 plus trace minerals.

Vitamin K27 image
Sourced from India

Patented Bioactive K2-7 from fermented chickpeas.


vitamin d3 image
Vitashine™ Vitamin D3
Sourced from UK

Vegan Vitamin D3 from Lichen extract.


Clinical & Consumer Study Results

Bone Mineral Density
15 No of Studies
2773 Cumulative Study Size
Notable Improvement Conclusion
Risk of Fracture
9 No of Studies
1150 Cumulative Study Size
Notable Improvement Conclusion
Promote Healthier Lipid Profile
1 No of Studies
300 Cumulative Study Size
Notable Improvement Conclusion

Directions to Consume

Take Two Tablets daily with Dinner; Calcium is best absorbed with food.

Directions To Consume

Do not take calcium supplements with iron, as calcium inhibits iron absorption.

Things to keep in mind

The Big things that set us apart:

Origin's Bone Health Supplement -. All the ingredients work in synergy, enhancing Bone Strength, Bone and Teeth Mineralisation. Gentle on stomach, NO constipation issues. Easy to Absorb and Highly Bioavailable for better utilisation in the body. 
No fear of calcification of soft tissues or arteries as the active vitamin K2-7 helps in better utilisation of absorbed calcium into bones. This helps to strengthen bones, especially in ageing individuals, those in sedentary lifestyles, and even women during perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. Trusted Formula with all Vegan-friendly natural patented ingredients.

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Aquamin™ TG

Aquamin TG is a multimineral complex derived from Red Sea algae. It provides essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, and 72 plus trace minerals that are crucial for maintaining healthy Bones and teeth and supporting overall bone health.


A natural Vitamin K2 produced utilising a patented chickpea fermentation process. Most active natural form Vitamin K. Vitamin K2-7 activates the bone protein osteocalcin which is essential to bind calcium effectively to the bone matrix.

Vitashine™ Vitamin D3

Vitashine D3 from Lichen extract refers to a vegan-friendly and sustainable form of vitamin D3. Vitamin D is crucial for bone health as it aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the diet, facilitating their utilisation for proper bone mineralisation and maintenance.

Sit back, we’re here for the ride with you.


We love that you have questions! Thankfully, we have the answers!

What is Origins Nutra Bone Strength?

Origins Nutra Bone Strength is a premium supplement formulated to promote bone density and strength. It's a natural blend of highly bioavailable ingredients designed to enhance calcium absorption and support overall bone health.

What's unique about the form of Calcium used in Origins Nutra Bone Strength?

Unlike traditional sources like Calcium rocks, Eggshells, or chicken bones, Origins Nutra Bone Strength features Aquamin Tg. This porous form of Calcium, along with 72 trace minerals from Red Sea Algae in the Arctic waters of Iceland, is highly bioavailable. It ensures effective absorption without the complications often associated with other calcium sources.

How does Origins Nutra Bone Strength address common problems like constipation and artery blockage associated with other calcium supplements?

Origins Nutra Bone Strength's use of Aquamin Tg, derived from Red Sea Algae, minimises issues like constipation and artery blockage. This natural and safe source of calcium is well-absorbed by the body, reducing such concerns.

How does Origins Nutra Bone Strength stand out from other bone health supplements?

Origins Nutra Bone Strength stands out by providing a comprehensive solution that addresses common deficiencies in Vitamin D and Vitamin K. Its unique blend of ingredients, including Aquamin Tg, sets it apart in promoting optimal bone health.

Can you explain the significance of Vitamin K27 in Origins Nutra Bone Strength?

Vitamin K27 in Origins Nutra Bone Strength regulates calcium metabolism and supports the deposition of calcium into bones, promoting bone strength and reducing the risk of fractures.

What benefits does Origins Nutra Bone Strength offer?

Origins Nutra Bone Strength offers several benefits, including enhanced calcium absorption for optimal bone density, alleviation of joint aches, improved joint flexibility, relief from muscle cramps, stronger bones and teeth, and support for healthy ageing.

Why is the combination of plant-based Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K27 important in Origins Nutra Bone Strength?

The combination of these nutrients addresses common deficiencies that hinder bone health. Many people lack Vitamin D for calcium absorption and Vitamin K for calcium utilisation. Our product offers this essential trio for optimal bone health support.

Why is it important to have a safe and suitable form of Calcium in a supplement?

A safe and suitable calcium form, like Aquamin Tg in Origins Nutra Bone Strength, ensures efficient absorption and utilisation, maximising the benefits without potential drawbacks of other calcium sources.

How does Vitamin D3 contribute to bone health in Origins Nutra Bone Strength?

Vitamin D3 in Origins Nutra Bone Strength aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which are crucial for proper bone mineralisation and maintenance.

Customer Reviews

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Best bone supplement

As a nutritionist, I am always searching for a good vitamin D and calcium supplement for myself and to recommend to my clients. I understand the importance of these nutrients for absorption. Most supplements in the market contain only calcium, magnesium, or vitamin D individually. This is the first supplement I've come across that shows the importance of absorption. Origins Nutra Bonestrength is a product made with good combination of ingredients that is actually efficient

Preet Singh
Great product

Must try. :)

Abhijeet Negi
Great product

I love eating it as I was able to feel a difference in my bone density. I feel more stronger now!

Monalisa Tripathi

Bone Strength

Ramesh Menon
my bones feel stronger

this bone strength tablet has been a game-changer for me. As someone who has struggled with calcium absorption issues in the past, I appreciate the plant-based formula and the addition of Vitamin K2-7. I could feel my bones feel stronger and healthier than ever before.