If you’re wondering how we pick and choose which products to work on, and how exactly we make them work for you

Picking The ‘What’ | Everything begins with the first step. Ours is to identify and understand the solution

Ensuring The ‘How’ | Allow us to take you through the step-by-step process to ensure safety and efficacy

Step 1 Sourcing And Processing Raw Materials

After the formulation process, we procure raw materials from verified vendors. Once the raw materials reach our facility, they are immediately tested for purity, contamination and quality.

Step 2 Mixing And Consistency

Once approved, they are mixed as per the tested formulation and mixing is done in multiple ways, based on the form of the ingredients. Here additional materials (excipients) are added to improve the consistency and stability. After this stage, they are tested for consistency again. Random samples are drawn from different parts of the mixture to ensure each unit is identical and consistent.

Step 3 Filling/Compression

Depending on the final form of the product, active materials are filled, either in a starch-based capsule/softgel. If it's a tablet, the mixture is compressed using pressure to form the shape. These are again tested for consistency, hardness, strength and efficacy.

Step 4 Coating

Here, once the unit is approved, they are coated with special materials to improve absorption and also targeted delivery. This allows us to precisely design where the pill should be absorbed from. For example, some products perform better if dissolved in the stomach, some in the gut and others, in the intestines. Once again, the products are tested to check the success of the coating, which includes testing for parameters like, dissolution time, acidity resistance, moisture content, etc.

Step 5 Final Checks 

Once all the final checks are done, the pills are packed into nitrogen flushed PVC packs, to ensure they are free from moisture and have a longer shelf life.

Step 6 Packing

Before we ship to you, the products are tested once again. If approved, they are prepped for shipping and made ready for you.

Step 1: Identifying and understanding the problem

We work with our science team to learn about all the symptoms, signs, causes, potential, and common treatments associated with recurring health issues like Fatty liver, Joint Pain, Cholesterol, and Diabetes and get to the heart of the matter.

Step 2: Evaluating research and health claims

The next step requires us to gather clinical data to find solutions backed by relevant and promising research. We pore over multiple studies to ensure that the potential solution is scientifically sound and fool-proof.

Step 3: Pinning it down to the correct ingredients

Once we’ve learned about the problem and its solution, we begin identifying the ingredients that help with specific issues. Our goal here is to find clinical ingredients and their sources, keeping in mind absorption and efficacy, both of which have to be supported by data and science.

Step 4: Formulating the product and the composition

When doctoring a formulation, a few things are crucial — corresponding the constitution with existing data and accounting for the way ingredients will interact with each other. These insights guide our draft formulations heavily.

Step 5: Validating the product from the professionals

Armed with 360-degree knowledge about the problem we are targeting, we craft a draft formulation, which is shared with Health Coaches to get their advice and views. In case of any suggestions, we look for supporting evidence and repeat the process once again, if needed.

Step 6: Multiple Manufacturing trails and forms

Our Formulation and Development team come together to produce smaller quantities of the formulation. In this process, we also try to identi which form works best — based on which part of the body is our target: stomach, intestine, mouth, etc.

Why are we talking about our process so openly? Why do we want you to understand process?

Yeah, we know it sucks. But with time and age, our nutritional needs change. Quite often, though, our diets don’t. And in case you have a deficiency, things can become worse. But no need to panic, yet.

Supplements just ensure that the right vitamins, minerals, and special bioactive are delivered to your body in the correct formulations and concentrations. The gaps in lifestyle and nutrition can be filled with the help of our supplements.