Everything thing has a reason, and it’s always scientific. Here’s why we don’t rely on half truths

As we become more curious about our bodies and their inner workings, it may seem feasible to take the easy way out. Here’s something you probably didn’t know: when it comes to supplements, the formulation and shape plays a significant role in ensuring that your body receives the right dosage and reaches the targeted part. That’s why we commonly stick to pills, tablets and softgels, even if it looks a little boring. It is what it is, but it’s good for you.

Most Effective

We get that true growth comes from the ability to unlearn. So, we haven’t shied away from questioning accepted norms, or even our own approach, when it comes to the manufacturing process. This has manifested itself in the form of true attention to detail, such that even a seemingly minor factor — like, the outer shell of our softgels — have been made with tapioca starch, instead of gelatin, to offer a genuinely vegan health supplement.

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Heart Of The Matter

Think about what traditional medicine does. Most of them work supercially, in that they
only mitigate symptoms. Have trouble sleeping? Take some melatonin. True that the hormone, which is essential for sleep, is necessary for our body. But does that get to the heart of the matter?

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Down To The Earth

Nature has more to offer than a handful of common vitamins and minerals. As students of nutritional science, we’ve been learning about the medicinal benefits of plants. And while there’s still a lot left to uncover, one thing is for sure: many of the answers you’re looking for are right here, on this earth. That’s why, at Origins, we stay abreast with the latest research and discoveries, treat all nutritional sciences with equal respect, and remain result and evidence oriented through every step of the way, closely evaluating each bioactive, herb and plant.

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Active Ingredient Content Capacity: 1000 mg

Ideal for herb extracts, fine powders, and for products that need to be mixed with multiple ingredients. These are coated for acid resistance and precision in delivery and dosage. We use natural colors and flavors for all our coatings.


Active Ingredient Content Capacity: 1000 mg

Used for oils, algae-based and fat based ingredients, multivitamins and minerals that need ready fat for absorption. We use olive oil as the base for all our softgel preparations. These can be coated for focussed delivery of


Active Ingredient Content Capacity: 500 mg - 750 mg

Best for herb extracts that have a higher particle size and can’t be converted into fine powder. Capsules also allow us to retain the original form for extracts that have a bitter or unpleasant taste.


Active Ingredient Content Capacity: 2000 mg - 5000 mg

Ideal for high-ingredient dosages, where the supplement needs to be mixed with water to be had as a drink or for mouth-soluble formulations.

Agreed that gummies are cute. But is it what you need?

Here’s some random trivia you probably never thought was relevant — formulations as Gummies or Melts have a maximum capacity of 300 mg! This makes it impossible to pack one with the desired dosage. Often, they also contain favor additives and artificial sweeteners to mask the taste, rendering them inefiective. And so, we’ve steered clear from them — no matter how fun they seem — for our current products.