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Berberine - OriginsNutra
Berberine (99%) 500mg
Berberine - OriginsNutra
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Berberine (99%) 500mg - Origins Nutra

Berberine (99%) 500mg

Manage your metabolism naturally

Berberine is a powerful metabolism booster that works at the cellular level.

Helps to boost metabolism and helps you manage and meet your weight goals.
Helps maintain cholesterol balance, blood glucose level and gut health.
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28 Caps | 4 Weeks
Pack of 2
56 Caps | 8 Weeks
1,969 2,140
SAVE 171
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Pack of 3
84 Caps | 12 Weeks
2,820 3,210
SAVE 390
Yes, it really has these benefits and yes, you have to take them daily. No false promises here:
Improves gut health
Helps manage blood sugar
Helps boost metabolism and energy levels
Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation
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What makes Berberine Special?

Boost Your Metabolism Naturally :

Struggling with weight management and metabolic disorders like diabetes, PCOD, obesity, or Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)? A slow metabolism may be the root cause, hindering your health goals. Introducing Berberine, an incredible supplement from Origin's Nutra that regulates insulin hormones and boosts metabolism. Berberine activates AMPK, enhancing cellular energy metabolism, promoting fat burning, and improving mitochondrial function. This increases energy expenditure and supports weight management. Berberine also regulates genes related to metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Take control of your well-being with Berberine, a natural solution that transforms your metabolism and overall health and experience effective long-term weight management.

Balance Blood Sugar Levels and Support Immunity:

Berberine is not just a metabolism booster; it also plays a crucial role in managing insulin and hormones. It helps regulate fluctuating blood sugar levels, promoting stable and balanced glucose levels. 

Berberine offers a multitude of advantages. Concerned about your heart health? Berberine improves cardiovascular well-being and supports a healthy heart. High cholesterol levels? Berberine can help bring them under control. Immunity is another area where Berberine shines. Incorporating this supplement into your routine can strengthen your body's defence mechanisms and enjoy a stronger immune system.

Product Ingredients

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Botanical Extracts
High Strength 99% Berberine
Sourced from India

Potent natural compound that aids in metabolism, weight management, blood sugar balance and overall health.

Clinical & Consumer Study Results

Blood Glucose
11 No of Studies
1320 Cumulative Study Size
Notable Improvement Conclusion
Boost Metabolism
12 No of Studies
1147 Cumulative Study Size
Notable Improvement Conclusion
Weight Management
18 No of Studies
860 Cumulative Study Size
Notable Improvement Conclusion
Total Cholesterol
10 No of Studies
1184 Cumulative Study Size
Notable Improvement Conclusion

Directions to Consume

Take One Capsule daily with Breakfast

Directions To Consume

Things to keep in mind

The Big things that set us apart

Origin's Berberine Supplement -  Aid in Weight Management, Promotes Balanced Blood Sugar Levels and Enhances Overall Health and Well-being - Cardiovascular and Immune System Benefits - With Powerful Herbs - Pure, Natural, and Gluten-Free - Trusted Metabolism Support.

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High Strength 99% Berberine

Our carefully crafted formula features high-strength 99% pure Berberine extract sourced from natural origins, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Berberine, a bioactive compound, activates AMPK—the key regulator of cellular energy metabolism. This synergy of ingredients works harmoniously to regulate insulin, balance hormones, and enhance mitochondrial function. Additionally, each capsule contains essential nutrients crucial for supporting overall health.

Sit back, we’re here for the ride with you.


We love that you have questions! Thankfully, we have the answers!

What is Berberine, and how does it work?

Berberine is a natural compound derived from various plants, such as Berberis. It aids in metabolism, weight management, blood sugar balance, and overall health by boosting energy expenditure, promoting fat burning, and regulating insulin and other hormones.

Is Berberine suitable for individuals with diabetes?

Berberine can be beneficial for individuals with diabetes as it helps regulate blood sugar levels. However, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you have diabetes or any other medical condition.

How Berberine can help boost metabolism naturally?

Berberine is a natural supplement from Origin's Nutra that regulates insulin, hormones and activates AMPK, enhancing cellular energy metabolism. This process promotes fat burning, improves mitochondrial function, and increases energy expenditure, ultimately supporting weight management.

How does Berberine help in managing blood sugar levels?

Berberine plays a crucial role in managing insulin and hormones, helping to regulate fluctuating blood sugar levels and promoting stable and balanced glucose levels.

Can Berberine help strengthen the immune system?

Yes, Berberine can contribute to a stronger immune system. By incorporating this supplement into your routine, you can enhance your body's defence mechanisms and enjoy better immunity.

What are the benefits of Berberine from Origins Nutra?

Berberine offers several benefits, including improving gut health, helping manage blood sugar levels, boosting metabolism and energy levels, and reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Can Berberine help with weight management?

Yes, Berberine from Origins Nutra can assist with weight management by boosting metabolism, promoting fat burning, and enhancing cellular energy metabolism.

Who can benefit from Berberine supplementation?

Berberine can be beneficial for individuals struggling with weight management and metabolic disorders such as diabetes, PCOD, obesity, or NAFLD, where a slow metabolism may be hindering their health goals.

What are the advantages of Berberine for heart health?

Berberine can improve cardiovascular well-being and support a healthy heart. It may also help individuals with high cholesterol levels by bringing them under control.

Can Berberine replace medications prescribed by my doctor?

Berberine should not be used as a replacement for medications prescribed by a healthcare provider. It can complement a balanced lifestyle and medical treatment, but any changes to your medication regimen should be discussed with a healthcare professional.

Customer Reviews

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Berberine is a wonder

I've studied nutritional functioning, so I'm familiar with Berberine. I also use berberine from else where and this is by far one of the best. While I've experienced a significant reduction in sugar cravings, will continue using it for another month and drop another review.

Restocking it!!!

I find the Berberine product very affordable compared to other brands. After taking it, I felt more fulfilled and my sugar cravings reduced. Although I have no illness and take Berberine as part of a healthy lifestyle.I rate the product 8/10 and plan to buy it again, as I couldn't find a better supplement after more research.


I found origins berberine through an Instagram ad and decided to try it. I'm really happy with it! I felt energized and had no side effects or aftertaste. I'm planning to buy it again. It's a great product.


I've been using berberine to help with my small intestine issues. I discovered that berberine is a natural antibiotic while searching for remedies online. I found Origins Nutra and loved their packaging.

Definitely buying again.

I've been struggling with PCOD and started taking berberine a month ago. I'm thrilled to say that my insulin levels are now within the normal range, and I haven't experienced any side effects. I discovered berberine while researching PCOD treatments and came across Origins Nutra. After searching for berberine on Google, I decided to give them a try, and I'm very impressed with the packaging. I'll definitely be buying from them again!