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Vege Flex - Vegan Chondroitin and Glucosamine

Vege Flex - Vegan Chondroitin and Glucosamine

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  • Plant-Based Joint Care: Vege flex is a complete joint care and support supplement. It contains vegan glucosamine hcl, vegan chondroitin & rosehip oil to boost your joint health.
  • Cartilage Health: Glucosamine helps in maintaining healthy cartilage. It is naturally found in the cartilage tissue around the joints. It helps protect the bones from rubbing against each other and creating the click sound. It allows the bones to glide smoothly over one another. It can also help reduce cartilage breakdown.
  • Joint, Ligaments & More: There is more to joints than the bones that lay over each other. The joint has two bones and these bones have tendons and ligaments. Synovial fluid lies between the bones to help them glide over each other. Glucosamine plays an important role in building glycoproteins and glycosaminoglycans which is a major component of these parts.
  • Joint Inflammation: Chondroitin helps with joint inflammation. This allows you to move your joints without being in pain. It can also help boost cartilage growth that smoothes the movement.
  • Package Content: 1 X Vege flex; Quantity: 30 Tablets


Vegan Glucosamine Hcl ,Chondroitin sulphate (from vegan source), crospovidone (1202), Rosehip extract, Polyvinylpyrrolidone( 1201 ), Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose(464), Talc(553(iii)), Magnesium Stearate(470(iii)), Silicon dioxide(551), Polyethylene glycol (1521), Ethylcellulose (462).

How to use

Take two tablets after meals in the morning depending on your condition or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Not to exceed the stated recommended daily usage.

Nutritional and Supplement Information

Supplement Facts

Each Film Coated Tablet Contains (Approx.) Per Serving /Capsule %RDA*
Vegan Glucosamine Hcl 750mg **
Chondroitin sulphate (from vegan source) 200mg **
Rosehip extract 100mg **
*Based On ICMR Guidelines  **RDA not established


Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information(Approximate Values)

Per Serving /Capsule









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Inspired by Nature, Backed by Science 🌟

  • Vegan

  • Global Ingredients

  • Scientifically Formulated

  • 7 step testing process

  • Major Allergen Free

  • GMO Free

  • Transparent Approach

  • Right Dosage

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